How Integrated Document Management Improves

Efficiency and Collections

Logging into multiple systems all day and searching through various file repositories can be time-consuming and frustrating. With the TELCOR RCM integrated Document Management module, you can transform your daily revenue cycle tasks and improve your bottom line.

Why an integrated document management module is a necessity

1. Easily Update Front-End Information

Pre-claim errors and missing information can be easily updated by accessing connected documents directly from dedicated workqueues and correcting errors before a claim goes out the door without leaving the application, saving valuable time and effort.

2. Streamline the Appeals Process

The appeals process is streamlined when documents are available directly in the TELCOR RCM application. Appeal letters and packages are automatically generated and collated using the integrated Document Management module. This keeps the team working in one system and eliminates manual efforts while promoting consistent and timely follow up, especially on the harder to collect dollars.

3. Simplified Remittance Posting

Remittance posting is much easier with Document Management. When EOBs and lockbox documentation are uploaded to TELCOR RCM, they can be used to directly post remittances with the document displayed on a user’s second monitor, saving the time and trouble of referencing outside websites/portals or physical documents.

4. Easy Claim Followup

Claim follow-up and working outstanding balances is easier when payer correspondence documents are sent to Document Management. These documents can be linked to patient accounts for the purpose of claim follow-up giving your team a head start on working outstanding balances that might need resubmitted with more information or changed to a patient/client responsibility.

5. Directly Accessible Scanned Documents

TELCOR customers also benefit from not having the overwhelming task of organizing mailed in, paper correspondence by having these scanned documents directly accessible in TELCOR RCM.

6. Save Time and Money

Reduce time spent on tasks and reduce lost dollars due to missing or invalid information, rejections, denials, or missed timely filing windows when the TELCOR RCM application includes the Document Management module.

The New TELCOR RCM Portal: Collect More From Patients and Reduce AR Follow-Up

If you have patient service centers, take advantage of the opportunity to collect from patients at the time of service. With the new integrated RCM Portal, released in version 20.2, TELCOR has developed the infrastructure that extends RCM functionality outside of the billing office.

Leveraging TELCOR RCM to Support Prior Authorization

Let’s face it. Prior authorization requirements from payers are becoming a larger part of a laboratory’s revenue cycle, impacting workflows, provider relations, and a laboratories bottom line if not managed effectively. How do you manage prior authorizations effectively? By taking control of your prior authorization process.