Lower Your Cost of Billing and Maximize Collections with TELCOR RCM

Solutions For Pathology Billing

TELCOR RCM is our SaaS solution designed to streamline and automate many tedious processes your in-house team may currently be doing. TELCOR RCS allows you to outsource your billing to our team of experts who understand the unique nuances of the laboratory industry. Engage Professional Services where TELCOR can provide additional support to meet your financial goals and help resolve the gaps that may arise.


average increase in collections after switching to TELCOR.

months on average to achieve a return on your investment.


improvement in productivity resulting from automated rules and staff reallocation.

Why Pathology Groups Switch to TELCOR

Designed specifically for pathology practices

With our robust rules engine, our software solution, TELCOR RCM, manages the many complexities facing pathology billing codes such as ICD-10, CPT, HCPC, and the challenging TC/PC split.

Automating these requirements reduces manual intervention and frees up your staff for other projects.

Unmatched analytics driving business decisions

Our goal is to provide you with useful, real-time intelligence directly in the application. At any time, you can run reports by client, CPT code, payer, and other criteria.

You can easily analyze payer reimbursement, claim denials and appeals, AR by payer, client or patient responsibility, profitability, and more.

Send clean claims the first time

Submitting clean, compliant claims the first time greatly reduces denials helping you get paid faster.

With more than 60 validations and rules performed, simplify your workflow by doing everything from:

  • Medical necessity checking
  • Grouping and pricing bundled CPT codes
  • Applying of MUE rules  

Flexible pricing and client billing

Managing various pricing scenarios can be a challenge. TELCOR RCM includes extensive functionality to customize pricing and meet diverse contract requirements to support client billing.

You can create pricing driven by client, financial class, payer, state, locality, and patient class.

Gain complete access to your data

We provide our customers with dynamic, real-time intelligence directly from the application. You can display data in a pivot grid making it easy to:

  • Customize views to track your KPIs
  • View detailed analytics to compose specific metrics
  • Adapt reports as your KPIs evolve

Increase net collections

Using all of the functionality of TELCOR RCM, including online client and patient portals, pathology practices typically experience 10-30% improvement in net collections. They also typically achieve ROI in 8-12 months.



Case Study: Orange Pathology

Based out of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, Orange Pathology Associates (OPA) is a hospital-based group providing anatomic pathology services to the greater New York and New Jersey area.

Prior to TELCOR, OPA used a billing solution that lacked-pathology specific functionality. The system required a lot of manual intervention for simple tasks such as data entry and payment posting.

After switching to TELCOR, OPA was able to improve staffing by 80% as a result of the pathology specific functionality and automation. Since then, the lab has been able to grow and scale without hiring additional billing staff, improve collection rates and time and overall drive profitability for the group.

Contact us to learn more about increasing visibility and driving collections.