Customer Success:

Dominion Diagnostics

Dominion Diagnostics is a national diagnostics laboratory primarily serving the substance abuse, addiction, and pain management space. 

After switching to TELCOR in 2012, Dominion has seen substantial growth in volume of testing. They’ve been able to process 225 requisitions/FTE per day resulting in improved collections and reducing DSO.

Driving Workflow Efficiency and Staff Optimization with Automation

For more than a decade, Dominion Diagnostics has been able to continuously tap into the automation and custom processes within the RCM application to drive workflow efficiency. These efficiencies have allowed Dominion to grow their revenue without needing to hire additional staff at the same rate while still being able to manage the increased volume. This has allow them to continue improving collections and profitability.

Streamlining the Appeals Process

Appeals are different for every organization but are a critical component to most lab’s revenue cycle. Dominion has been able to streamline this process using the TELCOR RCM application. The application drives appeals based on advice codes directly into a workqueue allowing the team to coordinate and organize those responses separate from the denial like ineligibility.

Gaining Insights with TELCOR Advanced Access

Dominion Diagnostics uses the reports accessed directly within the application such as remittance analysis and AR aging for both client and patient. They also have access to the TELCOR database through the Advanced Access module allowing the finance team to drill even further into the data. This level of access allows Dominion to gain insight into their profitability and make well-informed business decisions.

Managing Unexpected with TELCOR Professional Services

During one of the multiple COVID surges, Dominion was understaffed and overtasked with volume. They contacted TELCOR who then quickly spin up a group of staff members to assist with patient data entry for a nine-month period. Those TELCOR employees became a part of the Dominion staff’s daily routine and got them through the surge.