Outsource Your Billing to TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services


average increase in collections after switching to TELCOR.

months on average to achieve a return on your investment.


of staff are U.S.-based billing experts.

Outsourced Lab Billing

TELCOR Revenue Cycle Services allows labs to outsource their billing to experienced, U.S.-based laboratory billing professionals. Customers receive oversight and support with a dedicated Client Services Coordinator allowing you and TELCOR to work as a team with no additional fees.

Revenue Cycle Management

TELCOR RCM empowers laboratories to control their revenue cycle and billing functions better than any solution on the market today. By switching to TELCOR, labs gain unparalleled visibility to manage its revenue ensuring collections are increased and operating costs are minimized.

Why Labs Outsource to TELCOR

Complete Visibility Into Your AR

Even though you’re outsourcing your billing needs, you still need complete control and access to your own data. We agree. With TELCOR, there is absolute transparency between us — your billing team — and you.

Don’t get stuck with limited or meaningless metrics making it difficult to make business decisions. You can access the right reports to take control of your revenue cycle.

Meeting Industry Changes to Drive Reimbursement

As payer requirements continuously change, TELCOR actively stays in front of new requirements and configures our solution to ensure your claims are compliant. Our knowledge and expertise in laboratory billing  helps labs get paid for the work they do. You will also have unprecedented access to monitor progress and the ability to efficiently service your customers.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our billing service is a hybrid solution allowing you and TELCOR to work as a team. There is no substitution for human interaction when it comes to service. When you call, you will speak to your dedicated Client Services Coordinator without having to navigate through an automated phone system. Call as frequently as you need; unlimited support hours are included with your service.

Reports and Analytics to Effectively Manage Your Business

There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing the status of your AR, not seeing the productivity of your billing service, or not being able to export real-time data to manage your business. We believe it is vitally important for labs to have complete access and visibility to their billing data at any time.  You will always have 100% transparency – and we are always here to help whenever needed.

Staffed by U.S.-Based Billing Experts

At TELCOR, people are our most powerful asset. We hire the best of the best. Our people are subject matter experts in laboratory billing, software development, implementations, and more. Delivering on our promises and delivering those results with the utmost integrity is at the core of everything we do.

Consultation, Guidance and Professional Services

Customers have unlimited access their dedicated Client Services Coordinator, our leadership, and our team members for configuration management, questions, training, and product information. We can also provide on-site visits to help optimize your billing and use of the application.


“In prior billing experiences, I didn’t even realize the amount of revenue that was being lost. Since TELCOR has come on, our revenue has at least increased by 50-60%. We’ve really gone from smaller numbers that we were experiencing with old billing companies to very large, stable numbers that I can see are going to be repetitive through the coming months.”

Zachary Husk | Chief Executive Officer | Qitek Labs


See for yourself why hundreds of labs are switching to TELCOR.