Efficiently Manage POC Devices

TELCOR QML is designed to meet the specific challenges of point of care testing performed sight unseen outside the walls of the laboratory by thousands of non-laboratorians, on thousands of devices, generating thousands of results daily.

It is easy to see what instruments are physically located in a central laboratory. Laboratory instruments rarely move and are generally large. In contrast, POC devices are usually not seen by laboratory POC, move constantly from location to location (e.g., patient rooms), are small and can often fit into pockets (which can lead to them being misplaced), and in many cases, there are hundreds or even thousands of them. Yet it is the responsibility of laboratory POC to manage all the POC devices and the quality of result they generate. 

Generally, laboratory systems do not have the concept of assigning devices to locations. This is because, traditionally, there are few instruments in a department within a central laboratory. In contrast, POC devices are located throughout the hospital and now extend into ambulatory locations such as physician offices or free-standing ERs.

Because there are significantly fewer instruments and operators in the central laboratory, an operator list in each instrument can be manually maintained. However, with POC, there could be thousands of operators doing testing on thousands of devices. These devices are not available to the laboratory and thus the operator list cannot, at least easily, be manually maintained. 

QML was designed to efficiently manage an unlimited number of devices and automatically send an unlimited number of operators to those devices.  Additionally, QML manages the testing privileges for those devices such that only operators assigned to the device locations(s) can actually log onto the device and perform testing. 

In addition, based on sophisticated mapping of patient registration locations to device locations, patient lists can automatically be sent to those same devices for positive patient ID at the time of testing. 

Consolidated Device Interfaces

Discover how QML consolidates device interfaces eliminating manual charting errors.

Streamline POC Operator Management

Discover how QML automatically consolidates and manages POC operator competencies.

Enhanced Result Oversight Management

Discover how QML manages thousands of POC test results within a hospital or location.