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Orange Pathology Associates

Based in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Orange Pathology Associates is a hospital-based group providing anatomic pathology services to the greater New York and New Jersey area.

After switching to TELCOR, Orange Pathology was able to optimize staffing levels as a result of the pathology-specific functionality and automation. Since then, the lab has been able to grow and scale without hiring additional billing staff, improve collection rates, and oveall drive profitability for the group.

Streamlining the Appeals Process

Prior to TELCOR, the Orange Pathology team had a manual appeals process. Since switching, they have been able to prepopulate payer specific forms and letters and easily attach other required documentation into the appeals package. These efficiencies have decreased the time it takes to complete an appeal by more than 50%.

TELCOR RCM: Built for Pathology Billing

By looking at their processes, Orange Pathology recognized the need to find a solution built for pathology billing. After discovering TELCOR, they found they could time and money due to the lab-specific functionality and automation the application provides.


Improving Workflow Efficiency and Optimizing Staffing

Prior to TELCOR, Orange had 14-15 employees working on billing. After switching to TELCOR, they were able to reduce the amount of manual data entry and handle the same amount of volume, now with only 3 employees.

Adding the Personal Touch

TELCOR takes pride in their ability to add the personal touch to every relationship they have with our employees. Whether it’s through their on-site customer engagement visits or hosting their annual user conference, TELCOR makes sure they provide top-tier service and care for our users.